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July 18th 2012 was shitty. It SHOULD have been a great day since Danzai no Gunner was released and it was close to Hiroki's Bday from D and Kamijo's bday from Versailles and then BAM Versailles announces that they are "ceasing all of their activities".

The whole situation was so bizzare and handled poorly in my opinion - the announcement appeared on their OHP in both English and Japanese, then kept disappearing and reappearing.... people thought they were hacked but NO they were not.... I am so very sad .... I never got to see them live, and I would have done anything to see them if they had just stopped by the U.S. .... I know all of us fans were so sad to see that they didn't have the chance to come to the U.S.....

Versailles was the first Vkei band that I really seriously listened and they have been a big inspiration to me! I share the same sentiment with many others when I saw their music off -late hasn't been as good, especially compared to when they first started, so I wish them nothing but the best as they go on this HIATUS (keeps fingers crossed that this is accurate as many street teams have gotten confirmation from the management that this is indeed a hiatus). I hope that they can grow as musicians and professionals during this time and of course find some time to relax! I am praying that this is a legit hiatus and that they WILL eventually re-unite... From Masashi-san and Yuki-san's translated blog entries, it really seems like they will be taking a hiatus and getting back together
(http://yukienglishblog.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-22.html) and (http://masashiinenglish.blog.fc2.com/) but from reading the other members' entries, I just don't know anymore.... all we can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best!

T___T I really want to go see them in Japan at the end of the year ..... I don't know how but I want to get myself there somehow..... "sob"

And it should be clear that I am not solely devastated over Versailles disbanding - this all just came at a crappy time when stuff in my life was causing me immense amounts of stress and worry.... now i am going to go do some of the stuff I usually do when I am depressed..... drown myself in work, deprive myself of sleep till I am utterly exhausted, and eat a whole bunch of horrible food till I feel fat....not necessarily in that order.

D Cuteness

I just saw these all over facebook ~

(Source : https://twitter.com/#!/D_HIROKI_D/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FT8PgtuO2 )

They are so cute! Today is the day that all of the Ultimate Lover Fanclub only stuff is going to be released I think? "sniffle" I wish we could get our hands on some of that stuff! I am mildly horrified to think of how much all of this fanclub only merch is going to go for on auction sites


VIP for D! Hecks yea!

Waaa this week was sucky -__- I got really sick ~ this is the first time in a long time that I've had such a bad fever w/ lots of icky sweating. yay me. I'm really irritated because this was the first week this quarter that was kind of a lull week and I couldn't even take advantage of it to do any extra homework or anything since I was sick! GAHHHHHHHH -___- but one good thing that came from me being home sick was that I was able to get my hands on a VIP bundle for the D concert at PMX! *______* LOL I literally sat in front of my computer for 45 mins before they went on sale and kept refreshing the PMX ticketing portion of the website so I could immediately get a pack and it worked out! I'm really excited because 3 of my other friends I made at A-kon got one too so it's going to be really great to hang out with them and all the other D fans ^__^ I've never had VIP anything before and do be VIP at a D concert is more than I could ask for I'm really very grateful! I smile just thinking about it ~ I've never been front row at a concert either so I'm really looking forward to seeing all our lovely D boys up close on stage! <3 And this time I can do the Nightship D dance right in front of them hahah not like at A-kon way in the back (not that it wasn't fun)

Sigh I gotta work really hard this quarter before the concert so that I don't have to bring a ton of homework with me to PMX ~ not that it would get done anyway lol since I won't have to necessarily stand in line for the concerts all day I would love to go and explore a little bit! There are so many guests of honor ~ the creator of Power Rangers will be coming! How cool is that? And there might be a Korean guest too? That's so cool I really want to see who it will be! As well as the fashion brand that has yet to be announced! So yea, I gotta work my ass off since PMX is less than a month away - and I also have to try not to get sick again T__T
Ok! SO! I am actually updating my LJ! WOOT. I vow to actually post on here from time to time ~ my poor LJ has been neglected since it's conception and I feel that has been such a waste! /end mini rant

So! The reason that I've been running around my house with an obscene grin on my face since waking up and checking Facebook this morning is because D IS COMING BACK TO THE U.S.! In less than 6 months than when they first came here! TO THE STATE I LIVE IN! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Hilton Los Angeles Airport
5711 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
チケット:PMX Register

Dの出演日程:11月11日(金), 12日(土)

Pacific Media Expo 2011 (PMX) ウェブサイト:

お問い合わせ:PMX Music

I've been wanting to go to PMX for a while now so I'll do my best to go and see D again! I was so lucky to be able to see them at A-kon this year so it would be ridiculously awesome if I could see them twice in one year! >.< it's so funny - when I heard they were coming to A-kon, I had a tiny feeling somewhere inside of me that they might make another appearance in the U.S. - it's not too uncommon for Japanese bands to do that once they are already here - but I figured it would be right around the time of Akon, and much closer to TX at that! Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would come to California after returning to Japan in such a short span of time! <3

Oscars 2011!

WOOOOOOOOO! Colin Firth won best actor for the King's Speech! Really well deserved     : D I'm very happy for him, and glad that he won! AND King's Speech won best film of the year? AWESOME! : D


This is very exciting! It seems like there is a chance that it is going to snow here :D snow rant! Collapse )

live journa

YAY!! My first live journal post >_< i hope to figure out codes and stuff soon so i can make this page pretty >_<